The ONIRIS brand is the fruit of its background and was conceived by Paolo and Anna Gaia. Twenty-five years ago Paolo’s name was linked with Utopia, a high-end jewellery brand that gave a revolutionary new interpretation to pearls. Anna started Oniris with the idea of exploring new horizons in prêt-à-porter jewellery, developing the concept of genuine items made accessible and characterised by innovative design and a recognisable identity. Oniris jewels apply virtuosity and modern flair to precious stones, pearls and diamonds, creating a collection of pieces that are contemporary, fashionable and easy to wear. Rigorous stylistic research, attention to detail, superb quality execution and an Italian soul make these the perfect companions for any woman, allies in her daily life.


Oniris arises from the experience of a professional team who have been designing exquisite jewellery for decades. In line with the dictates of Italian artisan goldsmithing, Oniris is a blend of innovation and tradition: the collections are available in 9 and 18 carat versions; brilliant and rose cut diamonds are certified and sustainably sourced. We select precious stones with high quality standards.

With exceptional raw materials and attention to detail, Oniris jewels are made entirely in Italy.