ONIRIS jewels are made in Italy by skilled goldsmiths, using the highest quality alloys and raw materials.

Here’s some useful advice to help your Oniris jewels retain its value over time.

  • We recommend avoiding exposure to heat sources; it is also best to remove items when applying perfumes and when washing your hands. Jewellery is sensitive to chemicals and corrosive substances, which may damage the gold and precious stones. You should therefore take care when applying hairspray, gel and make-up.

  • Household detergents can also damage precious metals and stones.

  • It is advisable to avoid contact with salt or chlorinated water and remove jewellery during physical activity to prevent damage from sweat.

  • As pearls are organic in origin, they should not be in contact with oils, creams or perfumes, and should be cleaned regularly with a damp cloth.

  • We recommend storing your jewellery in separate cases, because it may be damaged or scratched by contact with other items.

If you have questions about caring for your Oniris jewels, you can email us at